P2 Design, founded by architect Yacov Peretz (Technion graduate, 1984) was established in the Galilee as a design and architecture studio together with an Art Gallery. Over the years, the work has grown more than our abilities to display, and today we are a very active architectural design studio, located on the hills of Misgav. Our team consists of senior and junior architects, with a common desire to mutually fertilize and advance toward further involvement and partnership.

The studio’s work is characterized by contemporary design, with respect for the past, but with an architectural interpretation of the present.

We encourage the active involvement of the planners in the field due to the understanding that this involvement deepens the knowledge, refines the planning and ultimately improves the final result.

Our sites are spread from north to south. Among our works are residential buildings, industrial buildings, offices and private homes.

We do not save time and effort to go deep in to all aspects of a project, and to collaborate with colleagues from the various planning areas, – all for the success of the project, regardless of its scope.